How do I take a course?2020-04-22T08:57:21-04:00

Begin by setting up a personal account. This account will be used to track your courses, progress, and certificates. After creating your account, you can search for courses using the Course Catalogue. You simply click on the course of your choice, purchase it, and begin the course at your convenience.

Do I need special software to be able to take a course?2020-04-22T08:57:15-04:00

You do not require any special software to take a course. For best results, we suggest using a computer or tablet in landscape mode and using Google Chrome as your browser. We also recommend speakers or headphones for the video components of courses. Certain courses, such as Self-Myofascial Release, will suggest tools and equipment to enable you to follow along with the demonstrated techniques. Any additional materials for a course will be clearly indicated in the course description.

Do I have to complete a course in one sitting?2020-04-22T08:57:10-04:00

You can complete a course in one sitting, or you may take the course in several sittings – the course will remember where you left off. You are also able to review what you have previously completed.

How long will it take to complete the course?2020-04-22T08:57:06-04:00

Each course is labeled with the expected amount of time for completion. This length is based on the amount of time the quality testers took to complete the course materials and activities at a moderate pace. You may find that it takes you less or more time than the approximate time, and this may vary based on subject matter and your abilities. You do not have to complete the course content in one sitting, which may also impact the length of time you take for completion.

How much time do I have to complete the course after I have purchased it?2020-04-22T08:57:01-04:00

Once you begin a course by clicking on “Begin Course”, you will have 90 days within which the course content must be completed until access expires.

Can I retain access to course material after I finish the course?2020-04-22T08:56:56-04:00

After the 90 day expiry period has concluded, you will no longer have access to the course contents. We recommend taking notes throughout the course and downloading any available materials right away.

What if I don’t pass a quiz?2020-04-22T08:56:51-04:00

Course quizzes are knowledge checks. Once you have achieved 70% on the quiz, you move onto the next module.

Will I receive continuing education credits with my association?2020-04-22T08:56:45-04:00

Our courses may be eligible for continuing education credits with your regulatory college/association.

There’s a course I’d really like to take, but it isn’t currently listed in your offerings.2020-04-22T08:56:33-04:00

We are continuously in the process of developing new courses for release. Please let us know your suggestions for new courses at customercare@conedccmh.com

How often do you release new courses?2020-04-22T08:56:28-04:00

We will be releasing 1-2 new courses each month.

How often do you update courses?2020-04-22T08:56:20-04:00

Our policy is to review each course on a biannual basis and ensure they reflect current knowledge and standards.

Can I get a refund?2020-04-30T08:54:39-04:00

If a course was purchased in error, a refund or exchange for a different course may be possible, to be determined on a case-by-case basis, provided that notification is received at customercare@conedccmh.com within 24 hours of purchase. No refund or exchange will be issued where a course purchased in error has been started and advanced past the course guide.

My question isn’t answered here.2020-04-22T08:56:15-04:00

For any other questions, please contact us at customercare@conedccmh.com


I lost my certificate for a course I took, how do I get a replacement?2020-04-22T08:56:39-04:00

Your certificate is downloadable from the completion email you received. You are able to download multiple copies from this link. If you have discarded the email in error, please contact customercare@conedccmh.com to have it resent.

Course progress not saved2020-04-22T09:16:47-04:00

In some rare instances course progress may not be saved.  Please follow the following steps to ensure your course progress is saved when you exit a course.  When testing if your course progress is saved, please complete a couple of lessons, exit the course, and then reopen it rather than completing half the course before testing.

  1. Please ensure you click “Save and Exit” in the top right hand corner of the course rather than closing the tab/window.
  2. Our Courses are best viewed in the Google Chrome browser.  Please ensure you are using Google Chrome on your PC, MAC, or tablet.
  3. Clear your browser cache.  Warning: This may sign you out of other sites.  Please click here for instructions from Google on how to clear your cache.  After clearing your cache, close all browser windows before trying again.

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