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Meditation & Mindfulness for the Manual Therapist


Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Explore the history of meditation, various forms and styles, and benefits of a regular meditation practice. Understand common indications during an assessment, how to modify treatment to incorporate meditation, and how to provide meditation as a form of remedial exercise. This course is designed to assist the manual therapist in incorporating meditation into their practice, and as a form of self-care.

Understanding the Patient: Trauma & Mental Health


In the course of practice, a manual therapist will likely encounter a patient who has experienced some type of trauma. Trauma can appear in various forms and impact individuals differently. Explore the history and prevalence of trauma, understand signs and symptoms, and learn how trauma can affect various aspects of life. This course is designed to assist the manual therapist in becoming trauma-informed and provide guidance on how to create a trauma-informed practice.

Acupressure Treatments for Headaches


Headaches are not created equal. The severity, symptoms, and causes vary. Explore the various types of headaches and the differences between Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to understanding headaches and treatments. This course provides practitioners with acupressure techniques to activate meridian channels and the most common points used for the treatment of headaches.

Aromatherapy for Manual Therapists: Understanding Essential Oils


Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries by different cultures using essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. This course provides an in-depth discussion of common essential oils and their benefits for use during treatment. Explore how essential oils are made, how they impact various body systems, how to create an aromatherapy blend, and how to integrate essential oils into the treatment of various conditions.